The Herbalife Weight Loss Method of Losing Tummy Fat

People say that some people are fat because they are born that way – that they come from a long line of overweight family members and that they can do nothing about their weight problem. However, most health experts now say that the concept of hereditary predisposition to being overweight is a simply not true.

Weight Loss

There can perhaps be some argument that our basic body weight is genetically inherited, but not excess body weight, which is almost entirely dependent on what we eat and the exercise we do.

The exception is the aging process, which we cannot change. We put on weight as we age, leading to the middle age spread syndrome. Perhaps it is not the aging process which is to blame. It is the fact that we are not expending the calories we once did. We have to give up playing energetic sports after the age of forty, we now have a car whereas as kids we used to bike. Nevertheless, there are some strategies we can put in place to stop us eating more and exercising less.

One of the easiest ways is to take some weight reduction medications, and one of the most popular herbal medicines which claim to help you lose weight is the product known as Herbalife, which was founded in 1980 and has grown rapidly since then. It is a MLM company, relying on distributors to shift its products. The major criticisms of Herbalife concern the way it does business, rather than any fraudulent weight loss claims.

Herbalife products claim to contain the effective herbs in order to make losing tummy fat easier.
The major focus of the diet plan is to replace meals with a milkshake like solution known as formula 1, which comes in many flavours. This is one of the reasons for its success, in that the shakes are pleasant to taste and easy to drink.

Herbalife is certainly effective in losing weight, but cynics would suggest that cutting out meals and using an ordinary milkshake would achieve much the same result, at a much lower cost.
Some of the claims are a little unbelievable, such as the man who claims to have lost 405 pounds since using the product and I would suggest that to lose that amount of weight would have to involve some form of stomach stapling surgery.

One thing that strikes me about any weight loss supplement advertised on TV is that in tiny print on the bottom of the screen, if you are quick enough, you will read that the results shown are not average, and also that this diet plan should be used in conjunction with exercise.

My view is that if you substitute large meals with a drink of milk, and undertook some exercise you would get essentially the same outcome. If you substituted fruit and vegetables for the milkshake you would probably lose more.

The bottom line is that if you are contemplating using a Herbalife weight loss product in your diet, do some research and see if you could not achieve the same loss of tummy fat through some other means not involving extra costs.

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Will Anti Snoring Devices Help You To Stop Snoring Or Is It A Waste Of Time?

Are anti snoring devices a waste of your time and money and just a way for companies to make money from snorers desperately trying to stop snoring or can these devices really help you stop snoring seems to be quiet controversial.

Anti Snoring

So what is the truth?
I was shocked to see yesterday, just by chance, that one of my articles on this same subject at a health website got more than eight thousand views in the last year or so, which made it even more obvious that snoring is of so much an issue to people and that they are searching for solutions.

Being one of the millions that suffer from snoring, you understand how badly it affects you and others in your bed and outside of it.

If you go and search for anti snoring devices for example you get hundreds of thousand results and webpages. There is so much information on so many sites and so many snoring devices available that it gets confusing so you don’t know where to start or who’s advice to trust..

It gets even more confusing that some research says that there is little scientific evidence to suggest anti snoring devices help snorers to stop snoring yet manufactures come up with their own clinical trials showing the opposite.

Below is a short overview of what I think are the reasons for these contradictions which may help you in deciding if snoring devices can help you.

#1 Different snorers who have used the same snoring device will give different feedback about their experiences, some will say it helped them and that they are thrilled while others will say it did not help them one bit.

This can be explained by the fact that many snorers do not find the cause of their snoring before they buy a device and therefore end up using a wrong one which not only doe not work but could actually do them damage..

So, you need to find out the cause of your snoring first, by getting a medical check up.
One reason is not using the device correctly or the snorer stops using it because it is uncomfortable to use even though it might be a correct choice.

#2 The controversy about there being no scientific evidence for many of these snoring devices really helping snorers, may lie in the fact that not enough independent and thorough clinical trials are carried out for many of these products and the fact that many of the results of these in house trials are dressed up to be better than they actually are or are not extensive enough to pass scientific scrutiny.

#3 As there are so many anti snoring devices out there, like anti snoring chin straps,nasal strips and mouthpieces to name a few popular ones, and people are buying them in thousands every day suggests that they are helping many snorers despite many negative feed backs as well.. These devices may not help the snorers eliminate snoring altogether but they do help the snorer if the device used is the correct one, based on the cause of the snoring and not on the most popular or most expensive snoring device.

To conclude, anti snoring devices will help you stop snoring, but you must first find out the underlying reason for your snoring by consulting a doctor, purchase the correct snoring device and see how comfortable you feel wearing it during sleep, which means you might try a few different products of the same type from different manufacturers until you find something that fulfills your expectation..

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Good Advice on Losing Tummy Fat

Being overweight affects people in more ways than just personal vanity.
It affects the quality of life; life is not much fun if you cannot go up a flight of stairs without puffing, or if you cannot run around the park with your kids.

 Losing Tummy Fat

It gives a negative aspect to your self-esteem. For example, if you go to a job interview you know that the client will prefer someone slimmer, which lowers your self confidence, which could lead to depression.
Of course the most serious aspect of being overweight is the risk to one’s health, especially the real risk of a heart attack at an early age.

But once a person experiences the joy of losing tummy fat, there are consequential good feelings, including a wonderful sense of achievement. A person looks better and feels better. They can go to a clothing store and not look in the OS rack.

Having said that, it must be emphasised that you should not undertake any weight loss program without first consulting your doctor, especially if it involves taking pills or strenuous exercise. You first need a full physical examination to find out the best weight loss method for you. It could mean something as drastic as stomach stapling, if you are grossly obese.

However, if you are not in that seriously overweight category, there are two things you will need to do differently: you need to change your eating habits and your lifestyle.

Here are some things to consider in choosing your method of losing tummy fat:

· You could try a diet supplements, but I personally think that you are wasting your money.

· Join a weight loss club. The benefit of this is that you will get a sensible diet plan, but most of all you will get encouragement from your fellow participants.

· Try to do some form of exercise for at least fifteen minutes every day. Don’t waste even more money by joining a gym, you will get the same results by going for a brisk walk, light jogging, swimming, and dancing.

· Be realistic in your goals. Goals are great for focusing on what you want to achieve, but losing weight needs discipline to follow it through. If you have set yourself an almost impossible goal, you will quickly become discouraged.

· If you eat foods which are rich in fibre, you will feel full, and thus lose the desire to snack during the day. Try eating full grain bread instead of the normal white loaf.

· Don’t go near fast food restaurants, especially ones which serve deep fried food. Go to restaurants which serve grilled food.

· Drink lots of fluids, especially water, which is virtually free. Don’t drink carbonated soft drinks which are full of sugar.

Really all this is common sense – you must
expend more calories than you put in. It’s pretty simple stuff. Just make sure that your new lifestyle is enjoyable, so that you are not tempted to revert back to your previous bad habits.

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How Much Should I Weigh? 3 Keys

How much should I weigh? This is common question with an answer that seems more a riddle than a response. It really is simple, but first we must pick apart this riddle and dissect its many elements.

Much Should I Weigh

My riddle begins as a child. As a twelve year old, I watched my dad run a marathon and decided at that moment that one day I’d run one myself. Three kids and more than a quarter of a century later, I ran my first one earlier this year. I was in decent shape before I started training, having run for years prior to this. I wasn’t a fast runner, more slow and steady like the tortoise rather than the hare. But along with this time commitment of a training schedule, I thought ahh now, I’ll be a waif and excitedly envisioned my 17 year-old body from years gone by. But I lost no weight. Nope, not one pound. Okay so I drank more cokes than normal and ate one too many greasy breakfast sandwiches, but I was always hungry, and hey I was burning tons of calories. So don’t stop reading and give up on an exercise regime, let me explain…

First off, too many of us rely on the scale to tell us if we’re in good shape. So key #1, muscle weighs more than fat. When we’re building muscle, it can be disheartening when we step on that scale — we may even gain weight. So the scale is not the end-all in weight-loss. It can be a guide but not the only one. Instead you’ll be toning up and feeling fit and trim.

Key #2, people come in all different shapes and sizes. So we open a magazine or turn on a TV show, and all we see is thin. Maybe we’re the big-boned girls so tactfully described by many. So is thin in? In or not, it may not be the best. If we’re eating less than our body needs, we can simply run out of energy. Oh yes, I can lose a good five pounds with a bout of stomach flu or a dose of acute stress, but how much oomph do I have? It’s important to accept that healthy isn’t one particular look. Our genetic makeup plays a large part in determining our weight and size. It is possible for two healthy people who are the same height to vary in their weight by tens of pounds. A word of caution though; struggling with weight can run in families and the reason may not be genes, but rather bad eating habits and no exercise.

Key #3, focus on overall body fat percentage. There really isn’t an ideal weight relative to your height. The minimum amount of body fat for a woman that’s healthy is 12%, but the average is 22-25% for women. Men it’s a minimum of 5% and an average of 15-18%. Health clubs can generally check this for you.

Now we can be aware of our varying differences and what’s really important, but in a nutshell — if we eat more calories than our body needs, we’ll gain too much. Weight is a balancing act between the intake of calories and the burning of calories. And what helps tip the scales in either direction, is diet and exercise. Catch next week’s article where I’ll include tips on finding your ideal body weight.

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A Deep Fryer is the Best Choice For Fried Foods

If you love greasy fried food then purchasing a deep fryer might be just the thing to quench your passion for food. Many people who love fast food want to duplicate that taste at home and buying a deep fryer can do just that. You can cook anything you want in a deep fryer however they are popular for cooking amazing French fries. There are several options available on deep fryers that might have you left pondering over which one to get.

 Deep Fryer

When you buy a deep fryer you need to figure out how much space you have and where you are going to put it. Some deep fryers take up a lot of space and you need to decide whether it’s going to sit on your counter top or in a cupboard somewhere. They also come in many colors such as black, white and stainless steel, so that you can match up your other appliances with the deep fryer.

Some features available to deep fryers can be; variable thermostats, programmable timers to start and finish foods at the exact time that you want, removable lids and glass viewing areas so that you don’t even need to remove the lid to see what is happening inside while the food is cooking.

You might want to know if it is easy to clean and if it dishwasher safe. If the product is made using stainless steel it might be less able to have food stick to it and might be better to scrap food off, it is also more sanitary to use with food. Some deep fryers come with handles built into the lid, external basket lifts that allow you to view the food without having to remove the lid. Automatic cleaning options and is able to filter oil into removable storage drawer.

It is also a great idea to figure out how large you want the capacity for cooking to be. Some people need it big while others are fine with a smaller scale. The wattage is different as well and so a higher wattage will provide faster and more cooking power.

When you find a fryer that you like you can always take it home and test it out. If you don’t like how it works or operates you can always return it for another if the store permits it. Most fryers come with some kind of a warranty so it is important to know just what that warranty entails and how it will affect you and your new purchase. When you have your deep fryer you will be able to cook many great foods and entertain yourself or guests with restaurant quality food. You will be confident when you are serving your food as you know that you prepared it just the way you like it. Using the machine can be fairly simply. Remember to read all of the instructions especially around cleaning and keeping it safe from fire issues. Keeping the machine clean is key to preventing accidents and keeps you safe as you eat food from it.

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